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CABI welcomes the participation of anyone with an involvement or interest in the fields Business Incubation and Economic Development.

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Membership In CABI

Who should belong to CABI?

Potentially, there are three categories that could belong to CABI:

  • Members - People directly involved in operating business incubators
  • Associates - People doing related work, e.g., economic development officers, university extension officers, etc.
  • Affiliates - Businesses, which might have an interest in incubator clients, e.g., professional services firms, and investors

Presently, CABI includes the following:

  • Incubator executive directors, managers and staff
  • Incubator developers and researchers
  • Local/provincial/federal government development officers
  • Business assistance professionals and consultants
  • Industry consultants and technology commercialization officers
  • Educational institutions, University liaison officers, innovation academics
  • Corporate joint venture partners (both medium and large sized corporations)
  • Angel investors/venture capitalists
  • Economic development professionals, entrepreneurs
  • Those interested in the benefits of business incubation for their community

Member Benefits:

  • Legislative and government program updates
  • Special "Member Rates" for CABI Conferences
  • Eligibility to vote in CABI Annual General Meetings
    Membership Dues:
    • Incubator/Accelerator $495/year (plus 13% HST) in the name of the primary person representing the organization.
    • Affiliate Organizations $495/year (plus 13% HST) in the name of the primary person representing the organization
    • Additional persons representing the organization $175/year (plus 13% HST)

    Note the Following Terms of Membership:

    • Memberships are registered in the name of the person representing the organization, not for the entire organization
    • Annual Memberships expire and are renewable on December 31st of the calendar year

    Membership-only Discounts on:

    • CABI Conferences, Training Institutes and Discounts Available on Insurance, Office Supplies and Hotel Accommodation