What is CABI?

The Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI) is a national body of member organizations dedicated to supporting the growth of new and early-stage businesses. Members of the association are committed to supporting the success of business and technology incubators and their clients.

The mission of CABI is to advance the success of incubators and their clients, to enhance the knowledge and skills of industry professionals and to promote a better understanding of business incubation’s role in economic development.

CABI is Canada’s “Voice of Business Incubation.”

Our Objectives

  • To provide resources to assist CABI members in creating and managing effective and sustainable incubation programs.
  • To keep abreast of developments in industry best practices and to promote their implementation.
  • To promote awareness of the advantages of both business and technology incubation among community leaders and the general public.
  • To constantly improve the variety of resources available to CABI members by establishing new partnerships on local, national and international levels.

Our Activities

CABI supports the sharing and implementation of best practices in the field of Business Incubation. It creates partnerships with leaders in both the public and private sectors to promote the interests of the industry and its members.  CABI also provides specific training and specialized development activities to assist industry professionals to establish and provide effective business incubation programs. CABI's annual conferences held across Canada serve as forums for professional education and networking. In addition, the CABI Connect Listserve links incubation industry professionals to help promote best practices and to assist their client businesses in achieving success.